(product certify)

  • Demonstration of Kyklotron ltd equipment could be done under the supervision and the assistance of the specific team of Kyklotron ltd technical directors.


  • The proper tested way of KYKLOTRON E3 SENSOR SERIES SYSTEMS is fully designed and registered by our Scientific Institute in Cyprus ( and as written can only be done.


  • Product certification tests could be done under the below protocol :


1.  In a 20000 meters range free from explosives and ammunitions area, under Kyklotron ltd technicians only.

2.  Only ONE target will be placed for detection.  Multiple targets detection is not an acceptable method for a first acceptance test, in which somebody want to  certify that this new technology product is working or not.  Tactics and Strategy planning could not be a part of an 'acceptance test'.

3. The target (explosive) must first tested from Kyklotron ltd technicians using the demo sensor in order to identified if the specific kind of explosive is tuned to the senor (pre tuning process).

4.  If the customer wants to identify the efficiency of the sensor in other type of explosives, this could be done in the same method (only one target - explosive matter at a time), in more than one tests.

5.  The target ( explosive matter ) must be clear of plastic or  wax (candle) covers, because some detectors detect this matter and not the explosive matter in real. 

6.  Multiple targets detection and localization could be done at a second time. A full  DRAMS EWS system must install for this purpose.  This because such a test needs specific criteria, methodologies, techniques and a lot of planning work and tactical design.

7.   The   Test Methodology Planning for INSPECTION MISSIONS  could  be an acceptable test  for Kyklotron ltd. Especially  CONTAINERS   INSPECTION   TEST  is a simple  type of test and could be done using simple cans instead of containers.  So easy, simple and more realistic is the BUILDINGS  INSPECTION   TEST .

  • All the above services will be provided under the presuppose that the visits will not be at a war zone, there is no danger to human life and health and will be absolutely legal.  


For the  Board of Directors