KYKLOTRON TBZ* series Technical Data


Detection Method:  Magnetic tuned phenomenon **

Sensitivity: Below Trace level. [Fingerprint] (In the Picogram range.)
Selectivity: < 1% typical false positive rate (this is mainly due to the inability to visibly see or trace-detector sampling, unable to analyze.)
Detection/Reaction Time: Less than 6 - 10 Seconds for a 180 degrees sector
Setup Time: Depends on the magnetic fields neutralize process. Less than 1 minute after this process.
Environmental:  Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C [limitations exist for the computer system for the GIS environment of DRAMS
Power: 12 volt , 5 Amp power supply. Car charger available. External power supply is available too (heavy duty missions).   Wage : about 3 kilos
Signal Processing: Magnetic tuned attraction. LED lamps INDICATORS for TARGETING.  
Calibration: Not normally required. For  accuracy user tests equipment prior to use by detecting a sample of the material.
Detection Modes: Magnetic tuned ** 
Materials to Detect:

  Pre – tuned :

  any metal structure ,

  any non  metal structure,

  living humans,

  dead humans,


  clear watery,

  magnetic vacuum


Ammunitions- explosives- grenades - rockets- missiles- projectiles- bombs - dispensers - mines - shells drivers- gun bullets – used ammunitions- Fireworks - incandescent lights.

Not exploded projectiles

   - black powder explosives.

  -  plastic explosives: C4, C1, PEA1, PEA2, C2, C5, PEA5   


◘ AMFO                                                     ◘ RDNX

◘ TNT                                                        ◘ PeTN 

◘ DYNAMITE                                              ◘ Nytrogelysreen 

Nitro glycerin                                           ◘ Bakrik Acid  

Tetrick                                                    ◘ Hexogen (RDX)

Aktogen                                                  ◘ Mud Explosives       

◘ Water gel explosives                                ◘ Emulsified explosives

◘ Chlorite \ Alberchlorite                              ◘ Rubber Explosives

Neptrojandin                                            ◘ DNT

◘ OTHER OBJECTS: human body (or bodies under rubble), Dirty Bombs (Uranium wastes)  

Additional materials available. Must ordered , and must give us a sample to pre - tuned. Contact Kyklotron Ltd for further information.

Does not detect and does not get confused with:

o Cosmetics, glycerine, etc

o Traces of material, on the air, in the water, on the ground or on clothes


Areas of  the KYKLOTRON 'TBZ' system

  •          Plain fields

  • -        Under ground

  • -        Under water

  • -        inside cages

  • -         Airports and customhouses.

  • -         Public foundations.

  • -         Border crossings.

  • -         Security of open areas.

  • -         Military foundations.

  • -         Shipyards and ports.

  • -         Embassies.

  • -         Armed forces.

  • -         VIP Escort

  • -         Police and general security

  • -         Nuclear stations

  • -         Wildlife Protection

  • -         Search and rescue operations

  •  -        Events that require strict security measures

KYKLOTRON TBZ   appliance  is   self-contained  energy   package and does not require external power.

Sensor additional materials (Cards, radionic search capabilities etc ) : no required 

Time to magnetize :   NO magnetized   

Time to constantly work : 4  hours. 

battery charge time: 3 hours



On the above figure presented  phases of the magnetic tuned phenomenon, given by the 3-axis magnetometer sensors.  


  • 2 year limited warranty on hardware only.
  • 2 year limited warranty on DRAMS  software.
  • 1 year electronic media support
Available training courses in the use of the system and equipment are :
  • Basic operator training course (required).
  • Advanced (power ) user.
  • DRAMS control expert (super user)
  • Trainers training course.
  • Training in Maritime or Aviation.
  • Training in or out  high buildings
  • Special training in Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).
  • Any other training in detection of any target.
  • Search and Rescue for Humans.
  • Search for dead people.

Contact Kyklotron ltd  for further information.

Detection Range (in tests)
  • Ground level: 0 to > 20000 meters (tests carried out in various conditions with no clear line-of-sight. Especially in places on earth that magnetic fields are powerful as in Greece , Europe  )
  • From Aircraft: Up to 6000 meters (4+ miles)
  • Under Water: Up to 50     meters (150+ feet)
  • Underground: Up to 25  meters (75 + feet)


* All of the above are indications in air speed < 2 m/sec. Aspects relating to weather such as high temperatures > 50 Celsius degrees, extremely high humidity and extreme cold, may be affect results shown above. Especially the GIS hardware of the KYKLOTRON LE3 system.   Independent tests should be carried out by potential clients to confirm their own needs & requirements for the KYKLOTRON TBZ use.

** Magnetic tuned phenomenon, as implemented in  KYKLOTRON E3 series for inspection, detection and localization any living or not material structure is a Kyklotron Ltd original tech, patented at Industry Property Organization  and  European Patents Office, established in 4 patents :  

1.   GR1004926 /2005-06-30           IPC: G01N23/20; G01N23/20; (IPC1-7): G01N23/20r

2. GR1005224 /2006-06-13           IPC:G01V3/12;G01N23/20;G01S17/66 (+3)

3. GR20060100352 /2008-02-05    IPC: G01V3/12; G01N23/20; G01S17/66; (+3)

4. GR20070100067/2008-09-19    IPC: G01V3/14; G01V3/14 EC: G01V3/14