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Statement for DRAMS Early Warning System & KYKLOTRON E3 sensor series systems for Explosives/narcotics/ammunitions/bombs/humans Detection

Kyklotron Group Companies®· Simis 15d · Strovolos 2044 Nikosia · Cyprus

 to whom it may concern

 Statement for DRAMS Early Warning System & KYKLOTRON E3 sensor series systems for Explosives/narcotics/ammunitions/bombs/humans Detection

 The technology behind DRAMS EWS® &  KYKLOTRON E3 sensor series systems® much different to reference-card based devices such as ADE651, GT200, Alpha6, and other technologies that SNIFFEX, SNIFFEX PLUS and HEDD1 devises used.

Any conformity in shape might based on a similar adaptation of cross bearing, which is an accepted technology for determination of a position on KYKLOTRON E3 sensor series systems®.

The scientific work behind DRAMS Early Warning System® for Explosives Detection and KYKLOTRON E3 sensor series systems® has started already more than 25 years ago and is under permanent scientific progression.

The scientific principle for  DRAMS Early Warning System® has been patented in the with the title „ LONG DISTANCE  MATERIAL STRUCTURES SPECIFIC DETERMINATION AND AUTOMATIC DIGITAL GIS RECORDING METHOD  AND SYSTEMS “ Pat. No GR20070100067  (A) 20070205. publication: GR20070100067 2008-09-19   IPC:   G01V3/14; G01V3/14    EC:   G01V3/14 .

The abstract of this patent is as follows:  Method and applied systems for point determination of material structures from long distances (4,000 to 16,000 meters), with simultaneous digital recording thereof in a geographical information system (GIS), applied by two users, walking or wheeled or by one walking and one wheeled user, by the use of a portable system for detecting material structures from long distances, operating by the exploitation of the magnetic resonance effect, as previously described in the patents GR1005224, GR1004926, and the patent application 20060100352.; The method requires two users, the one moving independently from the other and by the use of a portable magnetic resonator  they locate the precise direction of the material structure, the position of which is determined as a point from the intersection between the directions of the two magnetic resonance devices, by the portable computer carried by the users or on a vehicle. The position and the direction of the users is determined by the portable GPS device. A mobile-telephony relay system (e.g. a 3G card), relays the signal from the one user to the other and to all the computers of this particular aerial network, so that each user knows the position and direction of the other from the relevant points on the screens of their computers, and direct themselves.; This intersection point between the lines is the exact point where the material structure  to be investigated is present. The method solves serious problems, such as that of the automatic recording of minefields, suspect area, non-recorded minefields, other minefields laid randomly, non-standardized explosive materials, without any plan for laying or removal elements for these. It provides the advantage of the automatic digital recording without entering the minefield, the operation being instead perform complete safety. Also, it allows the remote digital recording of explosive materials from long distances, the terrorist-owner being unaware of that, resulting to the surveillance and recording of the actions of terrorist groups.’’

The scientific principle for  KYKLOTRON E3 sensor series systems® has been patented in 3 patents as follows :


IPC: G01N23/20; G01N23/20; (IPC1-7): G01N23/20.

 The abstract of this patent is as follows: The invention relates to a low-cost, portable system for the detection, in real time and from 300 m distance and 5 m depth, all known explosive materials and mixtures by indicating in time to the operator the accurate direction (azimuth) of the explosive material. It is a low-cost, handy, easily manufactured, energetically-autonomous and, inter alia, a significant weapon used for fighting the illegal distribution of explosive materials and mixtures as well as the international terrorism, mainly the terrorist groups characterized as "asymmetrical" threats. The system in question is presented into three forms: a portable form, a second form suited for being installed in spaces where the control of the explosive materials distribution is required and a composite form consisted of a variable number of sensors-devices with respect to the kind of the explosive materials to be detected. In relationship to the armouring of the space and the quantity of the explosive materials to be detonated, the compositely formed system, which presupposes the obligatory passage of passengers through blinded and automatically sealed chambers-corridors, ensures zero or low rate of victims in the disagreeable event of detonation or self-ignition of explosives. All three variants are practicable for the control of any spaces (airports, great ships, exhibition centres, multi-stores, railway stations, VIP buildings, government buildings, military institutions, vehicles etc) without the localized person or terrorist, transporting the explosive materials, noticing anything, what leads to the efficient handling of the situation.

 2. Title „ METHOD AND SYSTEM OF A MACROSCOPIC PERIMETRIC SCANNING BEAM LOCATING UP TO SIX DIFFERENT DISTINGUISHABLE MATERIAL STRUCTURES publication: GR1005224-2006-06-13, IPC: G01V3/12; G01N23/20; G01S17/66 (+3). The abstract of this patent is as follows:                                                     

Method and system of a macroscopic perimetric scanning beam locating up to six different distinguishable material structures via continuously emitted particularly featured electromagnetic waves scanning at a 360 deg. angle on the earth horizontal plane, within a scanning range greater than 1000 m from the search point and under the soil and water at a depth exceeding the 8 m, which electromagnetic waves are not influenced by signature-concealing volumes, and are produced by an electromotor being part of an micro-electric system pre-coordinating up to 6 distinguishable material structures by identifying their electronic signature. Said method is based on the Hartman's theory regarding the creation of magnetic nodes on material bodies, the theory of morphogenetic fields and in that the electromagnetic radiations create a magnetic node on the under-detection material structure 18; then, being partially reflected from the material structure, the electromagnetic radiations send back to their emitter 31 -among other information- the electronic signature of the material structure 18 upon influencing of the magnetic field of this last. In practice, if v distinguishable material structures existed on the ground, all could be probably located via this method on condition that v/6 devices have been developed. The invention is applicable to various areas for the detection of explosives and other material structures, or to any moving means in related areas by providing information to a simple portable computer or to mobile or stationary control and administration centres. A specially manufactured array of permanently installed devices may be established to much frequented control points such as airports, boats, exhibition rooms, stores, military institutions, railway stations, control of frontiers, governmental buildings etc by use of special blinded and automatically sealed chamber to ensure low rate of victims in case of explosives set off by terrorists.

3. Title ‘ LONG DISTANCE DETECTION AND LOCALIZATION METHOD USING MAGNETIC  TUNE  IN DISTINGUISHABLE  MATERIAL STRUCTURES   publication: GR20060100352  2008-02-05, IPC:G01V3/12; G01N23/20;  G01S17/66; (+3) . The abstract of this patent is as follows:

There is disclosed a method consisting in the use of a macroscopic perimetric scanning beam locating distinguishable material structures by magnetic coordination established between the device-system whereto said method is applied and the precise distinguishable material structure to be located. The emitted inoffensive electromagnetic spectrum -which electromagnetic spectrum is produced by a digital pulse generator being constituent part of the digital micro-electronic system allowing by use of a specific microprocessor and a keyboard 80 the entry and, thereby, the location of a theoretical infinite number of pre-coordinated distinguishable material structures- scans at a 360 deg. angle on the earth horizontal plane, within a scanning range greater than 1000 m from the search point at a depth exceeding the 8 m. Not influenced by signature-concealing volumes, same magnetic spectrum is in position to "bombard" 19 the under-detection material structure 18 with photons created by the motion of the electrons of the electromagnetic spectrum emitted from the device; the thus created photons endow the material structure with a particular magnetic field 98 by establishing magnetic coordination between the material structure and the unified man-and-device/system 102,1 and urge the central antenna 15 of the device 15 to permanently follow the dynamic lines of a fictive magnet 105 having for poles the device and the material structure , said central antenna being acting as a magnetic compass continuously showing the material structure to be located.; An embodiment of said method is the development of an improved small-weighted, portable, energetically autonomous device bearing additionally a special LED-type pilot lamp 79 reacting upon location of the material structure, a spectrographer analysing the electromagnetic waves coming back from the material structure by display of the related data on a digital liquid crystal screen 88. The device in question is able to locate a theatrical infinite number of distinguishable material structures such as explosive materials, metals, non-metal elements, living humans, human or animal bones, drugs, water, minerals, wood, glass etc.

 DRAMS Early Warning System® for Explosives Detection and KYKLOTRON E3 sensor series systems® are based on those principles. The manufacturing of these devices is conducted under a quality management system according to international standards and is certified by Cyprus Geopathetic Research Institute.  

Kyklotron Group Companies® has supplied these devices to a large number of governmental and private organizations on basis of highest ethical and commercial conduct without any single reclamation and complaint until today.

DRAMS Early Warning System® for Explosives Detection and KYKLOTRON E3 sensor series systems® are part of the Kyklotron Group Companies® multi-level-security strategy and are truly effective tools for detection, localization and record in digital data base of explosives. Detection of explosives, ammunitions, narcotics  and weapons from a distance from 0 to more than 20000 meters (depends on maze of the target) is possible, complementing other existing technologies. Unlike other near-field screening technologies, the Magneto-Electrostatic-Detection principle (MED), as applied in our devices, is harmless for the health, even if in permanent use. With these systems a real-time primary judgment is possible that also helps protecting non-suspects from violation of their human rights or any other risk.

 Some negative Internet blogs are falsely comparing our technology with „reference-card-devices”. Negative tests that are allegedly referred to, have not been conducted by trained operators or by Kyklotron Group Companies®  directly. Any professional equipment that is operated in a security related environment requires professional training. Any equipment that is operated from a human operator, will not work properly, if the working principle is not strictly followed.

 For this reasons Kyklotron Group Companies® has never sold any equipment without professional training, ensuring professional working standards and best possible conduct of the working principle of our equipment including DRAMS Early Warning System® for Explosives Detection and KYKLOTRON E3 sensor series systems®.

 This especially includes scenario-based training and requires a clear definition in which scenarios our equipment can add to existing security standards in order to be beneficial for our clients.

 Reliable security standards can only be achieved with a combination of technologies and methods. Any technology that can increase security standards must therefore be seriously considered, as the prevention of casualties is the aim to strive for.  Giving force to this rule, Kyklotron Group Companies® develop KYKLOTRON E3 sensor series systems® that could detect explosives from over 500 meters long, as is world wide known in any military that a blast from the smallest TNT quantity ( ½ Libra pack) is dangerous in a range of at least 300 meters.

All Kyklotron Group Companies® products manufactured and supplied by our company are protecting organizations, individual and officials but military also  against attacks with IEDs, ammunitions, bombs, and any kind of weapons using N14 in ammunitions. As a EU company, we are working on highest quality and business standards, both in terms of economical and also ethical standards. Considering the nature of our business there is no room for compromise in this.

 Consequently we have recently started the consultancy company “Tetradonic ltd®”, which purely focuses on risk assessment and risk consultancy in order to support our clients in the evaluation and the management of risks as well as implementation of the most efficient technologies in the particular environment.

Nikosia, 11.12.2010

Konstantinos Stromatias


Kyklotron Group Companies ®



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