Company  Policy 


1. DRAMS Early Warning System (DEWS), KYKLOTRON TB / TBS series sensors and DRAMS detection, localization and recording in a GIS data base method, are the result of Kyklotron’s ltd research and patent by four (4) legal patents. Kyklotron ltd is the only know how owner and the only developer of the above systems – sensors.

2. DRAMS Early Warning System, KYKLOTRON TB / TBS series series sensors production, final testing and Quality control performed ONLY in Kyklotron’s ltd installations under Kyklotron’s ltd technical supervision.   

3. Kyklotron ltd dos not produce,  sale or borrows to any partner DEMO sensors or DEMO systems. The only DEMO instruments we have been produced is a demo DEWS  system for using by our specific Testing D.EWS Team for testing purposes only.    

4. Kyklotron ltd could, under specific contracted conditions, to provide rights to a partner according to DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT  publish here. 

5.  As DRAMS EWS & KYKLOTRON TB / TBS sensors series systems are unique worldwide products and new technological ideas, Kyklotron ltd does not grant to any (public or private) organization of any country,  no product (DEMO or industry product)   for any  kind  of  'control' in any laboratory.

6.  D.EWS :

     a.   is an integrated system of Early Warning and not a single sensor for using to check cars in a simple check point.

      b. is a complex system, a C4ISR model (features integrated communications systems, computer systems, sensors, mobile nodes, command and control centers, etc. ) system, and must be seen it working in action and to ‘touch it’ for been able to realized how this complex system acts, reacts, reflects and generally works in action.  

   c. schedule installation, the topology of the sensors and controllers , the estimation of the means and servers for a basic model in order to work properly, the training for all level users and controllers, the implement planning and topology schedule of the network , the presentations and the tests , must be performed by Kyklotron TB /TBS series & DRAMS inventors, assisted form Kyklotron ltd technical directors, only.  

      d.   is not an ‘armor system’ and there is it is not for fighting.  Is only a supporting – tactically and strategic under conditions system.  

 7. Kyklotron ltd is not interested and not wishes to involve in the behavior and the perception of any potential customer in any country or nation.  Ways and tactics about how a future partner can convince a customer is his competence. Our point of view is that we first need to convince our partners for KYKLOTRON TB /TBS effectiveness.

 DEMONSTRATION and TEST PROCESS (product certify)

D.EWS testing process published here :

  • All Demonstration of our equipment can only be done under the supervision and the assistance of the specific team of technical directors of our company, using specific criteria, methodologies, techniques and a lot of planning work and tactical design.
  • The proper tested way of this product is fully designed and registered by our Scientific Institute in Cyprus ( and as written can only be done.
  • Tests will be done in free from explosives and ammunitions places, under Kyklotron ltd technical orders only.
  • All the above services will be provided under the presuppose that the visits will not be at a war zone, there is no danger to human life and health and will be absolutely legal. 
  • Interested feature partner will :

·         cover all expenses of our team from point of departure to return to base on a full board basis plus an insurance policy covering the individual members for health, accidental and life.  

·         take all the necessary documents and assurances for entering and exiting the country, the necessary equipment, will arrange the point of contact and will regulate all procedural, legal and economic issues.

·         ensure the assistance of authorities by placing explosives in kyklotron ltd and continuous presence of officers at the test place or simulation places for regulating DRAMS system for as long as the work will last. 

We would like to motivate any prospective customer or concerned partner to study carefully at this site :

·         the features

·         the technical and tactical details about D.EWS

·         the existing  presentations

·         examples

·         limitations

·         answering questions

·         any other information,

as to be able to understand what exactly is this system, what features it has, how can we use it tactically  and what are the basic characteristics of the products.

For the  Board of Directors