Training courses


We provide a basic training program on the use of the system for users , power users, DRAMS control experts (super users), and trainers. We also provide the detection technology program, and methods of any material structures detection in the fields, under ground, under water, in cages, universal buildings, the ways of car searching on the border points, at airports and at border crossing points As well as the device is used at the sensitive checkpoints, and the use methods in searching the closed counters. Also company provides information, complete training courses for the users of the device to be able to detect the forbidden substances and carrying out the suitable steps to explain the levels of detection and identification.



While all other explosive detectors needs samples to be collected from the suspected material, MAGNOTRON, ENDR & SPINOTRON sensors are could detect and localize explosives, ammuniotion, drugs, humans and any other material from long distance. It is up to the user how effectively it can be handled and utilized for localizing the explosive area and conducting further search operations to identify and defuse the explosives to prevent the loss of life and property. Before doing any search operation the operator needs thorough knowledge of the device and also needs full-fledged training of handling the equipment.  We offer original multilevel training to DRAMS and sensor users. During this training, in every level,  user has to pass real , totally blind tests for  occupying  an original training certificate.     


UNTRAINED users of any level of  DRAMS and any of our sensor handling, could be extremely dangerous because can produce destructive results missing the real targets.   

Training Courses :
Available training courses in the use of the system and equipment are :
  • Basic operator training course (required)  - user level.
  • Advanced  - power  user level.
  • Trainers training course - trainers level.
  • DRAMS Control expert  (hyper  user)  level.
  • Training in Maritime or Aviation use.
  • Training for detection  in or out  of high buildings.
  • Special training in Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).
  • Any other training in detection of any target.
  • Search and Rescue for Humans.
  • Search for dead people.

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