Kyklotron ltd

Explosives  & Narcotics INSPECTION  

In current international enterprises world, world marketing, open borders and free locomotion's, the challenge of remotely finding and localization of any distinguishable explosive or narcotics from a distance is more powerful and more awkward than ever. The ability to find explosives and narcotics is now  a reality.

Our systems and the guaranteed  WMTS technology, correspond excellently in the present challenges giving to user the benefit of a successful research,  in minimal time with faculty of localization every distinguishable explosive or narcotics from an appliance, that incorporates a line of apodictic solutions, providing safety because the ability to localise all known materials from distances > 200 metres, inside containers, independent from parapet buildings or any kind of  barriers, under water or ground, allowing fast, reliable, economically efficient solutions to inspect  generally particularly frail objectives worldwide.

DRAMS tech gives to the Administrator or operational commander the ability to remotely control many users and KYKLOTRON systems in real time, monitoring every search from his command and control center office.  DRAMS is a fully C4ISR system.  

According to the American law 2007 on the Constitution of Application of 9 September Committee, from July 2012 will be obligatory the 100% scanning of all containers that is used for exports in the USA with marine transports before their loading in boat in port of foreigner. The European Union does not forecast the application of such metre. But why does react Europe for the metres of control in the harbours? By the use of KYKLOTRON E1 series systems, will not exist technical and organisational difficulty, that will have as result important cost from likely restriction of transactions of the European Union, or other countries that export in the USA. On the contrary will exist explicit profit regarding the safety of ports and boats and persons more generally.  

. Explosives Detection